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UFO Mondays: Wee Wonderful Wallaby

October 13, 2014

Red Knits Wonderful WallabyThis is quite the odd little UFO. It all started back in 2008, when my husband’s friends found out they were expecting. Since I can’t help but knit for any babies in my vicinity, I cast on for a newborn sized Wonderful Wallaby sweater that I planned to embroider with “Lil’ Beast” across the chest in honor of the name of the new father’s radio show.

The knitting went crazy fast. This pattern is sized from kids all the way up to adults, and I adjusted it further to be a DK weight newborn size knit on smaller needles. Even so, this little hoodie was off my needles after a long weekend. Then it was time to embroider. I got a couple letters in, and then it sat. For years.

This fall, now that the original recipient is far too big for the sweater, I pulled it out to finish. All that remained was to rip out the embroidery and give it a good bath to remove the markings I had used. Now it’s all dry and tucked away for another baby to come along. Much as I love giving personalized gifts, it’s good to have a stash on hand.

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby by Carol Anderson
Yarn: 2.5 skeins Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton DK
Needles: US 2 & 4
Made for: a future baby
Timeline: 17 July 2008 – September 2014
Modifications: adjusted for newborn sizing by using DK and size 4 needles and following the smallest size directions. Lengths were estimated by assuming that the pattern calls for a row gauge of 3 rows per inch and going by rows rather than inches.
Worst Part: letting this one sit too long–the original parents would have loved it
Best Part: having another sweet baby gift on hand

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