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Open Wide Pouch: The Perfect Gift

October 29, 2014

Red Knits Open Wide PouchOne thing I’ve learned living half a country away from everyone I ever knew is that there are several types of long-distance friends. Some friends drift away, only to be seen at the occasional reunion. Others I might not hear from much when I’m away, but we pick up right where we left off when I come back for a visit. Finally, there are a few close friends that remain close despite the distance. Friends like K, who I text and gchat with week in and week out. We might not get to sit down for coffee and knitting as much as we used to, but she’s still one of my closest friends.

Since K also works at an LYS, she’s not so easy to shop for–she’s got a nice discount to get all the yarn she could ever want (and I’m pretty sure her designated yarn trunk is overflowing…). But she does need some cute bags to haul all that yarn around with her. I poked around on Pinterest and came up with this Open Wide Pouch from Noodlehead, which I’m now deeming the Perfect Gift for Knitters.
Red Knits Open Wide Pouch insideThis little bag lives up to its name: it opens up nice and wide so you can see into every corner, and it has a nice, clean finish inside and out. Overall, this project was quite easy–the only tricky part involved those zipper corners. Luckily, those parts are hardly visible in the finished bag, making the project essentially foolproof!
Red Knits Open Wide Pouch zipper tabIt’s kind of silly, but I just love the tab on the end of the zipper. K is a big fan of circles, so I positioned this tab in order to showcase them. I was so pleased when it worked out!
Red Knits Open Wide PouchNext time you need a gift for a knitter, give this pouch a try. All it takes is a little fabric (mine is quilter’s cotton from JoAnn), a zipper, some thread, and less time than you might think. And, since no knitter has ever claimed to have too many bags, this is my new go-to gift.

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