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Sewing with Lace: V1393

November 13, 2014

I had a chance to get some solid sewing time in this evening, so my fluted skirt is nearly finished. That means it’s time to get serious about my dress for PittStop Lindy Hop, the huge annual swing dance event in Pittsburgh.
V1393This year, I’m going with Vogue 1393, a pattern designed for  lace by Kay Unger. I’m hoping this will make for an easier sewing experience, as this is my first time working with lace. I’m a little nervous about the whole thing, but my mom, a seasoned bridal seamstress, assures me this will be a reasonable first project. In looking at the instructions, the construction shouldn’t be too difficult, although the many pieces will take some time to assemble.

I chose a navy lace and a lighter gray satin, and the dress will be visibly lined–you can see it through the lace on parts of the skirt–with a slightly darker gray bemberg rayon. I didn’t mean to choose colors so near to the original;  these were what jumped out at us at the fabric store. Whoops.

Originally, I thought I’d stick with my PittStop dress tradition and go with a vintage style, but I’m excited to make this elegant dress that should serve me well for formal occasions in years to come. It’s modest (ugh–I hate how that word is used these days, but it’s accurate here) enough to work for a formal professional dinner and pretty enough for a show or evening wedding.

Now, if I can just forget about the looming deadline and take my time with construction, I should be in good shape.

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