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A Minnesota Baby Gift and a Blogiversary

February 6, 2015

Red Knits_Baby GiftWhen we visited Duluth during the 2013 holiday season, we were so surprised and thrilled to find out that our dear friends, who swore when they got married that they were never going to have children, were expecting! They’re now well into their first year of parenting, and, even though I haven’t had a chance to meet their little guy yet, I sent along a package of cozy knits for the long winter.
Red Knits_ GrampsSince the new daddy is an outdoorsy literature scholar, I couldn’t resist the adorable Gramps Cardigan. I just love how this cabled smoking jacket will make baby K look wise beyond his years, and I hope I get to see him wearing it someday.
Red Knits_ GrampsThe shawl collar looks a little funny without anyone wearing it, but I’m such a sucker for this style on babies and grown-ups alike. I’m not so sure about the buttons because they seem awfully big for the design, but I was knitting to a deadline and didn’t want to fuss with changing the pattern.
Red Knits_ GrampsI was worried that this cardigan would take a long time to knit because of all that cabling, but I knew that I would be all right when I saw that the back is a very wide ribbing. It’s probably comfier for a baby spending lots of time on his back, too. Despite knitting it while I was nearing my first comprehensive exam, this sweater knit up quite quickly.
Red Knits_ MN HatSince baby K’s parents love spending time outdoors exploring northern Minnesota, we thought a warm hat was in order. I started with the Little Flap Cap from Cabin Fever, which I had used for some cute charity hats a few years ago. We chose some washable yarn from my stash of leftovers, and Steve got to work designing the colorwork pattern.
Red Knits_MN HatOf course, the state of Minnesota has the place of honor at the front. On either side are moose heads facing forward, and at the back, unfortunately straddling the jog, is a set of canoe paddles. I have yet to knit a version of this flap cap that I didn’t find adorable, but this one has got to be my favorite.

In my 2014 roundup, I neglected to mention that, as of the holidays, I’ve now been knitting for a full decade! I knit my first stitches on a lumpy, brown Wool-Ease scarf while I was home on break from my freshman year of college, and I haven’t put down my needles since.
Ravelry HeartsAfter ten years of knitting, I have 300 projects in my ravelry notebook, and I know that’s not even all of them! Knitting has been such an important part of my life, getting me through hard times, leading me to meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise met, and, when I was working at the LYS, even paying the rent! I don’t churn out the knitted projects like I used to, but I still knit a few rows just about every day.

It was just a little over two years after I learned how to knit that I started this blog. I’ve been sharing my projects here for eight years now, and even though this blog is nothing big or fancy, I’ve really enjoyed chronicling my knitting and sewing adventures here and reading as many other blogs as I can to see what all of you are up to. As a sidenote–if you follow me on WordPress or Bloglovin’ and I don’t follow back, I hope you won’t be offended. I use Feedly and hardly touch the other readers even though I have accounts to claim my own blog.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to many more decades of knitting ahead!

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