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UFO Mondays: Lady Grey

February 10, 2015

As I mentioned in my new year’s post, I am getting really close to tackling my long-time UFO problem. I would love to have all of them finished by the end of the year, so the next big sewing project I’m pulling out is my bulkiest UFO: Lady Grey.
Lady GreyIt looks like I never blogged about this coat project, so I’m not sure exactly how long it’s been a UFO, just that it’s been a long time! I purchased the fabric at S.R. Harris in the Twin Cities and fit a muslin while spending a week with my parents. At some point, I cut out the outer fabric, lining, and flannel interlining, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

On a few occasions, I’ve pulled this coat out to get sewing, but I always stall out because the very first step is the bound buttonhole. I’ve done plenty of bound buttonholes in the past, but they are fiddly and demand perfection, so they don’t exactly build momentum as the first step of a project.

This time, though, I’m feeling pretty motivated. My Lady Grey project bag doesn’t fit into my sewing area storage, and I’m sick of looking at it. I also desperately need a professional looking winter coat for teaching so I can stop wearing my old ski jacket to class. I’m facing the next of my doctoral exams in a little over a month, and I’m hoping that the hand tailoring on this project will prove a relaxing break from all of the studying ahead.

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  1. February 12, 2015 6:48 pm

    I have to admit, when I stall like this I have to resort to the simple solution or it never gets done. So if it will move you along, perhaps just skip them?

  2. February 14, 2015 3:07 am

    Good luck with the bound button hole motivation and the exams! ✂️

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