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They All Wanted Gray Knits

May 22, 2015

When you don’t make it home for the holidays (because you were lucky enough to spend New Year’s in DisneyWorld with your family…boohoo), those holidays can really stretch out. So please forgive me for posting about these gifts at the end of May.
Red Knits_Totoro MittensMy sister-in-law requested a new pair of mittens this year and suggested that gray would work well with her coats. She also wanted a string to keep them together–apparently a responsible young woman in her late twenties can still manage to lose her mittens with some frequency–but we sort of forgot about that part once we got caught up in these cute Totoro mittens. The next pair will have it.

Pattern: Norwegian Totoro Mittens by brella (free ravelry download)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash, about 1/2 skein each color
Needles: bamboo dpns
Made for: my SIL
Timeline: 20 January 2015 – 6 March 2015
Modifications: none, but next time I’d add at least an inch to the cuff
Worst Part: there were some long floats that were hard to get looking nice, especially in the thumb area. I had to block the heck out of these.
Best Part: the sweet design that my SIL loves
Red Knits_Outlanderish cowlMy sister was the first to request a holiday knit. She sent me a link to an Outlander inspired cowl on Etsy that she liked despite knowing nothing about Outlander. I knit this one in December while recovering from my field exam and briefly being trapped in an elevator on campus.

I took a look at some patterns on ravelry but didn’t really follow one. This is just garter stitch in Cascade Magnum on size 35 needles until my skein ran out. Then I put a twist in it and stitched it together to make a mobius. I hear that my sister wears it a lot, so she must be happy with it.
Red Knits_Spoke HatThis last gray knit wasn’t a gift so much as the result of an urge. I just felt the need to knit a hat in February, and Steve never turns down a new hat. Pardon the weird pose here–we were in a hurry, and Steve was too tall for his background.

Pattern: Spoke Hat by Tanja Fleischer (free ravelry download)
Yarn: Bemidji wool–leftovers from the stash
Needles: US 4, 6, and 7
Made for: Steve
Timeline: 4-8 Febrary 2015
Modifications: none, but I should have knit at a smaller gauge because it’s a little big.
Worst Part: nothing.
Best Part: I love the braid at the top of the hemmed cuff.

Despite all of these gray knits, I’m actually in the mood to knit some gray things for myself. Let’s just hope the family wants some color next year.

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