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Fehr Trade Workout Gear, Round 1

June 16, 2015

Red Knits_Fehr Trade Workout GearNow that I’ve made up a full workout outfit, there’s no excuse to avoid the gym! If you’re looking to make some workout gear quickly, head over to Fehr Trade. I cut out both of these pieces in one evening and made them up in another two evenings–just in time for some group fitness classes this week!

Thanks so much to everyone who chimed in on my last post about being more active. Steve and I have continued our effort to take several nice, long walks each week, and I’ve discovered that my university continues to offer (free!) group fitness classes in the summer. I tried Zumba for the first time yesterday–in this very outfit, I might add–and it was *such* a good time!
Red Knits_Fehr Trade Steeplechase LeggingsAnyway, on to the sewing. These may look like basic black capris, but they are exactly what I needed. Maybe I’ll add some crazier workout clothes once I’ve built up a bit of a wardrobe, but for now I need something simple enough that no one will notice if I wear the same leggings more than once in a week (washing in between, of course!). I ordered this poly/spandex blend from and love it so much that I went back to see if I could get it in some other colors. No luck: not only do they not have other colors, but they are out of the black. I bought enough to make at least one more pair of capris, and then I’ll have to try something new.
Red Knits_Fehr Trade Steeplechase LeggingsThese Steeplechase leggings have the added bonus of some interesting style lines. Despite the crazy shape of the pattern pieces, these come together very quickly and easily. In a later pair, I’d like to add some piping to really show off the curves in this pattern.
Red Knits_Fehr Trade XYT TopThis top is my first version of the XYT top, and I don’t think it will take much tweaking to get just right. Since I knew this was going to be a trial version, I turned to my leftover knit fabric stash and pulled out this green scuba knit for the front and upper back and a black cotton/poly blend for the lower back. Both fabrics are leftover from projects that are coming up on this here blog, and while neither one is ideal for this kind of top, they work just fine for this test version.
Red Knits_Fehr Trade XYT TopSince most (all?) of my sports bras are racer back or strappy Y style, I went with the “Y” variation of this pattern. Obviously I’ve got some fun “colorblocking” (is it even fair to call it that?) going on, and I tried to lend the top some cohesiveness by using green thread for topstitching throughout. I found that the instructions for both patterns were generally quite good, though I did get a little confused about elastic insertion on the neckline here, as it wasn’t entirely clear whether or not the stretch should occur evenly around the neck. I fudged my way through it and it turned out fine, but I could see it being a bit confusing for seamstresses who don’t have a lot of experience sewing with knits.
Red Knits_Fehr Trade Workout Gear
I consider this first version of workout gear a great success. I don’t have anything to flex just yet, but hopefully I will soon!

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  1. dissertatingwithdogs permalink
    June 16, 2015 10:21 pm

    Those workout clothes are fantastic! And I knew you’d love zumba. I started doing it 2x a week. So fun (and even more fun if you have adorable matching outfits for it)!!

    • June 19, 2015 9:15 am

      I could not even believe how much fun it was! It sounds like that may have been the last class of summer, but I will be back as often as I can in the fall. Miss you!

  2. June 17, 2015 8:01 am

    These look great! I love the crazy printed versions of the leggings but you do always need a pair of black in your wardrobe. They are a major staple in workout gear!

    • June 19, 2015 9:16 am

      So true! I have enough for at least one more pair of black capris, and I’m trying to decide if I want to do another plain pair, or if they should have piping in something neutral like gray. Such a dilemma 😉


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