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What I Knit on my Summer Vacation

August 19, 2015

I’ve never been one to pack light [family members reading this are snorting right now], but I may have gone a bit overboard when packing my knitting for this most recent trip to Minnesota. Between the travel, layovers, more in-state travel, and lazy afternoons on the boat, I wanted to make sure I had plenty to keep me occupied. I brought along a sleeve from my mom’s Dale of Norway sweater and three shiny new projects.
Henry WIPI wasn’t able to knit on the bus to the airport because I was hanging onto my suitcase, but as soon as we arrived at our departure gate I cast on for Henry. This seemingly simple slipped stitch, herringbone pattern has a whole lot of negative comments on people’s ravelry entries that I’ll get into when I post the finished project. For now, I’ll say that the scarf is moving slowly despite bumping up to a dk weight yarn. I’m knitting this for a friend’s graduation and want to give it to him after his public dissertation presentation, so I’m trying to tackle one 4-row repeat of 452 sts/R each night. K tells me that long, skinny scarves are “in,” so perhaps I can get away with cutting this project a bit short to make my deadline.
Paper Moon WIPOn layover in Chicago, while eating popcorn and watching Muppets Most Wanted on Steve’s laptop, I cast on for my first Paper Moon sock. Toe-up sock knitting is not normally my thing. The weekend before we left for our trip, I decided I wanted to add a sock into the mix, and I had matched this pattern from my queue to this yarn (a gift from a few years back) from my stash. I didn’t realize that the sock was toe-up until I had already printed it, and by then I had so many other things to do that I didn’t want to bother with flipping it to a cuff-down design. A little variety is good for me, right? I love how this is knitting up, but there are some problems with this pattern, too, which I’ll discuss in the finished project post.
Lavaliere WIPWhile spending a glorious afternoon knitting and chatting with my dear friend K, I cast on for Lavaliere. I purchased this yarn, Sirdar Baby Bamboo, with a completely different sweater in mind when I was still working at my LYS. When I pulled out the supplies for this trip, thinking that it would be a nice vacation knit and early fall semester cardigan, I realized that the style wasn’t something I would actually get much wear out of. I dug through my ravelry queue and came up with two sweaters that would work with the yardage I have, ultimately settling on this open cardigan with a plan to modify for 3/4 length sleeves.

Even though the Henry scarf is the project with a deadline, this sweater is what my fingers really want to knit right now. I’m already a few inches below the underarm divide, and the lack of closures means that the finishing on this sweater is very minimal. I could use some new work clothes this semester, so I hope to keep cruising along on this cardi.

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  1. August 19, 2015 8:43 pm

    I love the colors.

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