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Accessory Sized Project Bags

October 13, 2015

Red Knits_Project BagsI’ve been listening to a lot of knitting podcasts and videocasts lately, and they have not only rejuvenated my knitting mojo, but also made me very interested in knitting project bags: every podcaster seems to have a large collection of WIPs and adorable projects in which to keep them. My friend K (the one who sent me her list of favorite podcasts in the first place) is no stranger to the world of handmade project bags, so she also sent me her favorite shops for research purposes. I had a nice little look around to see what other people were doing and what I liked best. I have to admit to some sticker shock–I’m happy that knitters will pay up for handmade products, but I’m sure glad that I can make my own!

I’ve also done a lot of adventuring in the past few weeks, and one of these adventures brought me back to Duluth for the first time in much too long to attend our friend’s wedding. I also got to see K in person–and knit with her, and check out the new LYS location with her, and eat artichoke dip with her–which was pretty darn awesome. K and I aren’t great at giving each other gifts on time but rather save things up for when we get to see each other, so my trip was the perfect deadline for her project bag.
Red Knits_Project BagLet me tell you, you know you’ve nailed a gift when the first words out of the recipient’s mouth are, “Bears are my spirit animal!! and then she stuffs her barely-cast-on hat into her new bag. I knew K would like this print because it’s her kind of color scheme and she loves spending time at her cabin. Add to that a good circles print for the lining, and it’s a guaranteed win.
Red Knits_Project BagOf course, I couldn’t let K’s projects have all the cute dwellings–I had to make a bag for my own project to live in. Steve found this sort of Scandinavian style fox and owl print, and it was just too perfect for me, especially when paired with a tulip print lining. This is only the second project bag I’ve owned–the first was a gift from K–so there are surely some more of these fun little projects ahead of me.
Red Knits_Project Bags DetailI used some new techniques and materials on these bags. The most exciting to me was actually the fusible fleece interfacing, which gives the perfect combination of rigidity and bounce back for a bag that will likely be shoved into another bag regularly. I took a look at a few different zipper pouch tutorials, and mostly used this one from Jedi Craft Girl with my own measurements for bags that are approximately 13″ x 9″ x 4″. Those ends tucking in the zipper still need some finessing to lie how I want them to, but I’m happy with the more professional finish I’m getting on these, especially with that finishing touch of a handle zipper pull.

Fabrics: quilting cottons, all from JoAnn
Interfacing: fusible fleece from JoAnn
Notions: YKK zippers from zipit and swivel clasps from twpmango on Etsy

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