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Shirtmaking in Shades of Blue

November 7, 2015

Red Knits_ShirtmakingI have a couple more shirts to share today that were actually finished back in August. Since I’ve already talked about these patterns a few times, we decided to go light on the detailed photos this time and have some fun taking pictures with a nearby park’s fall colors as our backdrop.
Red Knits_ShirtmakingSteve’s shirt is yet another version of McCall’s 6613 with his customized fit using a shirting from JoAnn. The only difference from the last version is that we skipped the pockets all together.
Red Knits_ShirtmakingThis is the first time I’ve been brave enough to make him a plaid shirt even though the bulk of his RTW wardrobe is plaid. It certainly caused me some anxiety as I was working, and it did take a bit longer, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. For the most part I matched the plaids and only resorted to a bias cut on the sleeve plackets. See that front button band? It’s not cut on: I matched that shit!

I have to say a special thanks to my mom, who let me take over her sewing machine one afternoon to stitch all of these buttonholes. My much-loved machine has 3-step buttonholes that don’t produce a great result, while hers is fully automated and stitches a beautiful buttonhole. I was literally scrolling through Instagram while stitching these buttonholes: that’s how little work I had to do. I may have to save up some more nearly-finished shirts for my next visit…
Red Knits_ShirtmakingIs there such thing as too many chambray shirts? If there is, I haven’t found it yet. My latest is once again Vogue 8772, this time with long sleeves in a Robert Kaufman polka dot chambray from Unfortunately, the fit isn’t as good as it could be. I cut out this shirt last spring, thinking I could whip it up before the weather became too warm for long sleeves. Life got in the way, and in between cutting it out and stitching it up, I did some pattern alterations to improve the fit, which obviously didn’t make it into this version. All that being said, the fit is good enough, and the polka dot chambray makes up for any faults.
Red Knits_ShirtmakingIt’s just barely visible here, but you may be able to see that I’ve done a continuous lap sleeve placket on these sleeves. Never again. I’ve tried it at least three times in recent memory, and every time the corner pulls out before I’ve even finished making the shirt. Threads has a tower sleeve placket sized for women, so I will use that on future long-sleeved shirts. The origami of tower plackets is more fun anyway.

I hope you’re not growing tired of my many shirtmaking posts. Steve just got rid of a lot of RTW shirts that no longer fit him, and he wears collared shirts just about every day. I have some more fabric tucked away from him in my sewing area: it looks like I need to pull it out soon!

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