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April WIPs

April 4, 2016

It’s been a quiet month here on the blog, but a very busy one in real life. I just turned in my approved dissertation proposal last week, and I am so excited to have that step finished and to be able to get to work on the real thing! I’ve also done plenty of stress knitting and sewing, with nearly all of my March WIPs now finished. Here’s what I’m working on at the moment:

Knitting WIPs
UntitledAfter finishing my Georgetown sweater, Lilli Pilli shawl, and some other small projects, I looked around to find that I had only one active project on the needles: these plain vanilla socks for my husband. This is not a normal situation for me, and my friend K asked if she should send for help. These are part of my little sock knitting experiment, and they are my first pair of afterthought heel socks. I’m knitting them from the toe up, a method that I typically despise but am trying to come around to so that I can maximize yardage when knitting for DH’s big feet. The yarn is a JoAnn in-house brand of self-patterning yarn that was given to me a long time ago and should make for some sturdy socks.
Starshower WIPI was in a bit of a panic with only one project, and I didn’t know what I wanted to work on next. I cruised through my ravelry queue, and the combination of seeing Starshower there along with hearing that K was working on one for a class she’s teaching led me to cast one on using a Stellina yarn I had purchased at a yarn festival in Pittsburgh. This is the Periwinkle Sheep’s “Wink,” and my photos are not at all doing it justice. I’m completely in love with this project and can’t stop admiring it.

Sewing WIPs
Marbella WIPTo celebrate handing in my dissertation proposal, I cut out a blue stretch wool Marbella dress that I hope to wear to accept a teaching award later in the week. I’ve already sewn this pattern once before, and it went pretty quickly then, so I’m hopeful that I can complete this one on a quick timeline. I was so pleased with the first iteration that I’m not making many changes. I just pulled a bit of extra fabric out of the waist and will skip the scalloped hem.
UntitledI’ve also cut out Vogue 8750, View D in a gray suiting. Sharp eyes may recognize this fabric as one I was going to use for trousers last summer. I haven’t yet given up on that sewing goal, but I have set it aside until I can find fabric that will truly be suitable. I think that this particular fabric will be much better off as a skirt, and it will be a great addition to my work wardrobe for spring.

Finally, Lady Grey is right where I left her at the beginning of last month. I haven’t put her away yet and don’t intend to, but I’m more interested in sewing up some work wear for the moment.


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