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May WIPs

May 7, 2016

April was such an exciting month for me. I did a lot of wrap-up work for what has been a challenging academic year. But I also did some major UFO wrangling! I am so proud to report that I’m now down to two knitting UFOs and four sewing UFOs. This is a major accomplishment for me after many years of being up to my ears in UFOs leftover from my LYS work days, and I feel like this might be the summer that I finally bring myself down to only WIPs and Queue! Here’s what’s on the craft table at the moment:

Knitting WIPs

Akantus WIPI’ve knit several Dale of Norway sweaters in recent years, but this one is the first I ever cast on, and it is for me. From what I can tell in looking at my blog archives, I probably cast on this sweater in February of 2008. It went in and out of hibernation for a little while, but I’m not sure why it was ultimately set aside for the long haul. I pulled this one out of the UFO pile a couple years ago when I was finishing Steve’s ski sweater and gave it an assessment, determining that I would need to rip out the bottom of the torso, eliminate the hip shaping, and add some length. It took several hours to rip out the bottom (if you can’t see the line in my knitting, I ripped to that locking stitch marker) and get this project back on the needles, but now it’s back in action. Once I’ve finished the re-knitting, then there will be plenty of finishing to keep me occupied for a while.
Traveling Stitch Legwarmers WIPThese legwarmers are another long-languishing UFO that got pulled out of the drawer in April. Presumably, I got sick of the intricate twisted stitches and tiny circular needles, so I set these aside years ago. I’m still not a big fan of the 9″ circs, but I definitely want to get these finished off because they’ve been so much work. And speaking of tiny circs, I was so excited to get a shoutout on the latest episode of Prairie Girls Knit & Spin, my absolute favorite podcast!

I actually have one more knitting project, but it’s my latest big project, so I’m going to introduce it in another post.

Sewing WIPs
Blue Sewing WIPsThere’s been a whole lot of blue on my sewing table as I continue to work on my Marbella dress and M6842 skirt. Both are a little further than they look in this photo–the skirt is now hanging in my closet to let the bias sections settle before hemming, and I’m hoping to finish up the dress very soon. Pardon the wrinkles–I’m just keeping things real over here!

Once again, Lady Grey has gotten very little attention. I tried to do some tailoring one weekend but had to order some different twill tape. It’s here now, so I’m hoping to make some progress this month.

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